NYU and environs

En español aquí

Within a few blocks radius of Washington Square Park, the symbolic center of New York University’s urban “campus,” there are many examples, or vestiges, of the presence of Spaniards or Spanish culture to be found.  Several of them (King Juan Carlos I of Spain Center, Abraham Lincoln Brigade Archives, Cervantes Statue) can be directly related to the university’s long-term cultivation of links with Spain.  (NYU’s oldest study-abroad program, established more than half-a-century ago, is NYU in Madrid).  The other sites or landmarks are natural products of the rich history of this part of the village as a multi-ethnic crossroads of culture and commerce.

Café Español          Granados Café           Rincón de España          Tío Pepe

Abraham Lincoln Brigade Archives          Cervantes Statue

Found frescoes by Quintanilla          Hotel Barcelona

King Juan Carlos I of Spain Center          Sephardic Cemeteries

Washington Square Arch

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