A Stunning Chronicle of Life on Ellis Island, 1920

Spanish Immigrants in the United States

Francie Rodríguez (née Guerra), of Canton, Ohio has preserved and shared with us this remarkable document, chronicling the crossing from Spain and the Ellis Island trials and tribulations of her grandfather, Gabriel Tarriño.  Such detailed first-hand accounts like this one are quite rare.  The text presented here was transcribed and translated by Francie’s brother. With help from Laura Repullo Chacón and Ángel Briongos, we are in the process of retranscribing the document and revising the translation.

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Rodriguez, Francie 9 A page from Gabriel Tarriño’s chronicle of his ordeal on Ellis Island in 1920.

The following is a translation of my maternal grandfather’s diary from the time they let Spain until their arrival in New York then Canton, Ohio.

On the 20th day of July 1920 we left Nerva, Huelva, Spain with a pass from the Company up to the Mayas then on to Seville costing 39 pesetas and…

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Spain in New York: the project

A project aimed at identifying and describing the historical traces and current presence of Spaniards and Spanish culture in New York.  In this phase of the project, we focus on the area between Broadway and the Hudson River, and between Houston and West 23.

Information about a site can be found by clicking on the landmark on the map, or by using the pulldown menus of the tabs (NYU and environs, West 14 St/Chelsea, West Village). For more information about the project, click here.

España en Nueva York: el proyecto

Este proyecto tiene como objeto destacar y describir el trazo histórico y la actual presencia de españoles y cultura española en Nueva York. En esta fase nos enfocaremos en el área comprendids entre la calle Broadway y el río Hudson, y la calle Hudson y West 23.

Para obtener la información referida a una localización basta con pinchar el icono en el mapa. También es posible acceder a través del menú desplegable de la barra (NYU y alrededores, West 14 St/Chelsea, West Village). Para más información acerca del proyecto, pulsar aquí.

Para ver una ampliación del mapa con descripiciones, pulsar aquí.

View map with landmark descriptions and links.


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